Author: Flosha
Created: 28.06.2022
Changed: 19.05.2023




What Gothic Fans and Devs say about Phoenix

Auronen: […] I just wanted to work on games as amazing as G1, but games as these are not made nowadays. Only Phoenix wants to follow this (in game dev years) “ancient” tradition and that is amazing.

Flosha: “What is your opinion about our project?” - Tom Putzki: “You are mad. But in the most positive sense.”

Phantom: This mod is made for true lovers of the alpha versions. It’s almost the only hope that we will be able to experience this most mysterious and exciting atmosphere and the story of the alpha version. I’ve always dreamed about it.

Pioneer: It has the same vibe as the first Gothic.

Larifari: You’re dealing with the past of something, you’re researching and reconstructing. Like raiders of the lost ark, you’re connecting the treasures that were thought to be lost to a great and harmonious whole. This is a very ambitious project…

tefendy: It’s so damn greaaaat. Waiting with Uriziel in hand.

Avallach: I am very proud to work on the first major Gothic mod being developed with sources publicly available on GitHub. I am not aware of any other attempt as good as Phoenix to research and reconstruct the original designs made for Gothic I.

Arbax: A new era of how and what the real World of Gothic should have been from the beginning. […] The more I read about the story and how it progresses, the bigger and more detailed it gets, it feels like a story with such a big potential, like a Greek or Sumerian myth with intrigue and so much plot development.