In this section of the concept we will deal with how to translate the vision into gameplay. Classes, Attributes, Skills, different modes of interaction, experience, relations or attitudes, interface, character progression and so on. The mechanics are the technical frame and the “rules” of the game within which the story takes place.


  1. Classes
  2. Attributes
    1. Alpha Attributes
    2. Phoenix Attributes
  3. Skills
  4. Modes of Interaction
    1. Exploration Mode
      1. Item Handling
      2. Inventory
      3. Object Interaction
    2. Combat Mode
    3. Stealth Mode
    4. Magic Mode
    5. Dialogue Mode
    6. Crafting Mode
    7. Trading Mode
  5. Experience or “Arts”
  6. Relations
  7. Interface
  8. Events
  9. AI Functions